Crafting Beautiful Memories
Meet the Visionary Behind the Magic
Handmade to Perfection

To all of you who are new here, a warm welcome. I am Sakshi Gupta, the founder of All About Gifting.

Even though I have a background in counselling psychology, the world of arts and crafts is where I find my genuine interest. My love for creating and my desire to make others happy and smile by selecting special and thoughtful gifts for them led to the creation of All About Gifting.

Our idea is based on the conviction that a thoughtful gift has the capacity to move people and forge enduring bonds. We want to use my creativity and skills to use the art of giving to make special occasions even more special.

Our goal is to continually deliver excellent work, help other artists and artisans, friends, family, and—most importantly—my valued clients.  Every product made here reflects the passion and care that went into its creation.

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